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About Shareplant Rentals

We are a leading construction & engineering equipment rental business, offering a wide range of quality equipment for rent. Our well maintained inventory includes excavators, dumpers, rollers, cranes, pavers, planers, bulldozers and more. With a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility, we provide flexible rental options to help minimise the industry’s carbon footprint. Trust us to provide the equipment you need for successful projects, while reducing environmental impact. Choose us as your reliable equipment hire partner. 

How it Works for Equipment Hirers

Find Nearby Equipment

Use our advanced search feature to find specialist equipment when & where you need it.

Request Booking

Check equipment availability at your required location and make your booking with the equipment owner.

Take Delivery

Confirm delivery arrangements and communicate with the owner using our email and SMS notifications.

Leave a Review

Leave a review of the equipment and rental service you received from the equipment owner.

Pay Invoice

Pay the rental invoice directly to the equipment owner - no rental fees, commission or intermediaries to take a cut.

How it Works for Equipment Owners

Receive Rental Enquiry

Receive a rental enquiry straight to your phone by email and SMS messaging.

Accept Booking

Accept or decline the rental request and confirm the booking to the Hirer using our booking system.


Deliver equipment to the Hirer. Alternatively the Hirer can collect from your premises.


After the rental is complete, inspect and collect the equipment from the Hirer's site.

Receive Payment

Get paid by the Hirer. Receive 100% of the rental amount - zero commission and no intermediaries to take a cut.

Our Equipment

Our construction & engineering equipment rental service offers a comprehensive range of equipment for rent directly from the owners, catering to all your project needs. Form earthmoving equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and loading shovels, to specialised machinery like cranes, aerial lifts, welding machines and concrete pumps, we have a diverse inventory to meet your requirements. Additionally, we provide access to power tools, scaffolding, and temporary site infrastructure such as welfare cabins, pumps and generators. Whether you are undertaking construction, infrastructure development, engineering or maintenance projects, our extensive selection of high-quality equipment ensures that you have the right tools at your disposal to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental, Home
Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental, Home
Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental, Home
Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental, Home
Construction & Engineering Equipment Rental, Home

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Recent Reviews

Amy Edwards
BAF Contracting & Services
Thanks very much for this great tool and helping us get set up. All our plant and equipment is now available to hire through Shareplant Rentals
Conner McEwan
Director, Turnkey Solutions
Shareplant is really easy to use and helped us to find the right equipment in the right place at the right price when we needed it.
Martin Tweddle
Director, DSD Construction
Shareplant is a great concept and we have listed all of our equipment for rent. This will help us to maximise utilisation and help us manage our workload peaks